Regulation of the Legal Journal of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

Article 1. General provisions

  1. Scientific publication of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia (hereinafter - the Ministry) - The legal magazine (hereinafter - the magazine) is a periodical local and An internationally refereed and peer-reviewed publication, the purpose of which is law Promoting the development of a particular field and the deepening of academic discussion on legal issues.
  2. The name of the magazine is "Justice", and in Latin - "Iustitia".
  3. In accordance with the legislation, the journal has been assigned an international standard serial number - ISSN 2667-9876.
  4. The magazine is published quarterly in printed and electronic form in Georgian and English languages.


Article 2. Journal editor

  1. The magazine's activities are organized by the magazine's editor.
  2. The editor of the magazine participates in the activities of the editorial board as a member of the editorial board.
  3. The editor of the journal ensures the selection of specific articles for publication in the respective edition of the journal. He is responsible for the content and academic quality of the journal.


Article 3. Editorial board of the magazine

  1. Defining the magazine's editorial policy and provided for in this provision In order to perform other functions, the editorial board of the journal (hereinafter - the editorial board) is established.
  2. The composition of the editorial board is determined by at least 6 members, in accordance with Appendix No. 1 of this order.
  3. Members of the editorial board may be representatives of the Ministry and other state institutions, Representatives of the partner higher educational institution of the Ministry (relevant cooperation if there is a memorandum), as well as specialists and scientists working in various fields of law.


Article 4. Authority of the editorial board

  1. Editorial board:
    a) By submission of the magazine editor:
    a.a) Determines the editorial policy of the magazine;
    a.b) Establishes the academic standards of the articles;
    b) At the initiative of the editor of the magazine or another member of the council:
    b.b) Establishes the criteria for the selection of articles for the magazine;
    b.a) will select one or more topics for publication.
  2. According to the decision of the editorial board, the articles included in each issue of the magazine Compliance of form and content with established criteria and academic standards Specialists working in the appropriate field of law may be invited to ensure who will be authorized to familiarize themselves with the magazine's topics and to present the articles to be published own opinions, comments and recommendations, which are given to the editor of the magazine and/or the author of the article.


Article 5. Rules of activity of the editorial board

  1. The editorial board meets at least twice a year.
  2. Participation in the editorial board session is allowed using electronic means.
  3. The editorial board is authorized if it is present (including in the form established by paragraph 2 of this article) more than half of the members of the Council.
  4. The editorial board makes a decision by the majority of those present. In case of an even split, the vote of the editor of the magazine is decisive.
  5. Other issues related to the activity of the Editorial Board shall be determined by the Editorial Board.
  6. Organizational and technical support of the activity of the Editorial Board is carried out by the Ministry and the Ministry "Legislative Herald of Georgia" is a public law legal entity operating in the field of governance.


Article 6. Copyright

  1. The author of the article published in the journal has a special license According to the agreement, the Ministry will be given a special license, which, among others, Includes the use, translation and visual processing of the article in print and electronic form.
  2. The Ministry has a special right to use the articles included in the magazine editions. The Ministry has the right to indicate when using the articles included in the magazine in any form The name of the journal or request its reference. It is not allowed in the journal without the consent of the Ministry Use of Submitted Articles by Third Parties.
  3. The author of the article retains the right to process and reproduce his own work provided that the journal as the source of the primary publication is cited and cited The magazine will be notified in advance.