For Authors
Technical standards of the presented material: The material must meet the following requirements
  1. Should contain:
    • Title of the material;
    • Abstract (300 words);
    • Three key words that most convey the essential message;
    • The design of the main body (in paragraphs and subsections, paragraphs and subsections or other as any structural unit);
    • Short summary (300 words);
    • Used literature.
    • Author's name and surname, scientific degree, academic or other position;
  2. The material must be submitted in Georgian or English in electronic format, as well as, by exception, in any other European language language (Microsoft Chord). The number of pages of each should not exceed 10 pages. provides the translation of the presented article Translation Center of the Legislative Gazette of Georgia;
  3. The material should be written in "sylfaen '' typeface and in A4 format. 1.5 paper spacing on the printed page. Font - 12. Footnote - 10;
  4. The author is required to indicate the literature used in the footnote as follows:
    In the case of a book/monograph:
    Ivane Javakhishvili, History of Georgian Law. Tbilisi, 1928. 134

    In the case of an article:
    Ion Elster, Constitution Making and Violence. "Constitutional Journal of Law". Tbilisi. 2018. 18. 28.

    In the case of a collection:
    Robert Spano, Jubilee Scientific Collection "100 Years of the First Georgian Constitution". Tbilisi, 2021. 314-325.

    In case of a court decision:
    Decision N 2/2439 of 15 September 2009 of the Constitutional Court of Georgia of September 15, 2009 2/2439 Decision on the case “Citizen of Georgia Omar Alafishvili against the Parliament of Georgia”.
  5. It is recommended that the author use Internet resources in the footnotes as much as possible.
  6. The material should contain an in-depth scientific analysis of the problems.
  7. Material must not be previously published.

Editor of editions: Beka Kantaria (tel: +995 599 33 47 70)